Peachtree Audio deepblueSKY Review

In the ever-evolving world of audio technology, Peachtree Audio has consistently been a name associated with innovation and top-notch sound quality. Their latest offering, the Peachtree Audio deepblueSKY, is no exception. This wireless speaker system aims to redefine how we experience audio, promising a seamless blend of aesthetics, functionality, and sonic excellence. In this review, we delve into the features, performance, and overall impression of the Peachtree Audio deepblueSKY.

Peachtree Audio deepblueSKY Specs

Power Output:440W
Inputs:⅛-inch AUX, optical, WiFi
Dimensions:9.1 x 14.2 x 6.5
Weight:16 lbs
Speaker Drivers:1 x 6½” low-frequency driver, 2 x 3” mid-range drivers, 2 x 1” tweeters

The Peachtree Audio deepblueSKY is a 3-way speaker that features a single 1″ tweeter, 2 x 3″ mid-range drivers, and 1 x 6 1/2″ woofer to produce an amazing 440W of sound. This is more than double the output of the rival Aiwa Exos-9, which only uses the same number of drivers.

The deepblueSKY has a 3-way speaker system and sounds fantastic! Big bass can be produced by the 6 1/2-inch woofer without distorting the other frequencies. The tweeters deliver excellent intelligibility and clarity, and the midrange is clean and clear.

Smart Volume

Depending on the speaker volume, the deepblueSKY’s Smart Volume feature automatically modifies the equalization. Have you ever noticed that when your speaker is playing at a lower volume, the bass is really low, and when it is playing at a higher volume, it is too loud and, occasionally, distorted? No matter what volume you play the speaker at, Peachtree Smart Volume modifies the internal processing to give you a balanced audio image. The deepblueSKY produces clear audio with no break-up or distortion even at high volumes.

User-Friendly Interface

While the deepblueSKY boasts a range of advanced features, it remains accessible to users of all technical backgrounds. The intuitive interface, coupled with the straightforward mobile app, allows for effortless navigation through settings and controls. Whether you’re adjusting sound modes, managing playback sources, or fine-tuning the equalizer, Peachtree Audio has prioritized user-friendliness.

Features and Connectivity

The deepblueSKY is loaded with various features designed to cater to modern audio enthusiasts. Its most striking feature is its wireless connectivity, allowing seamless playback from various devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Additionally, the built-in Chromecast support and Apple AirPlay compatibility provide convenient ways to stream audio directly from your preferred platforms.

One noteworthy aspect of the deepblueSKY is its versatility. Whether you’re listening to your favourite music, watching a movie, or even playing a video game, the speaker’s adaptive sound modes optimize the audio output for different scenarios. The inclusion of multiple inputs, including optical and auxiliary ports, ensures that you can effortlessly connect a variety of devices to the speaker.

Audio Performance

Ultimately, the success of any audio product hinges on its sound quality, and the deepblueSKY shines in this department. Equipped with advanced audio processing technology and custom-designed drivers, this speaker produces a rich and immersive soundstage. The deep, resonant bass, clear midrange frequencies, and sparkling highs come together to deliver a balanced and captivating audio experience.

What’s particularly impressive is how the deepblueSKY handles various genres of music. From acoustic melodies that demand intricate detail to bass-heavy tracks that require powerful lows, the speaker adapts its performance to suit different musical styles, ensuring that each note is reproduced faithfully.

deepblueSKY vs deepblue3

Although the deepblueSKY and deepblue3 look very similar, there are significant differences between WiFi and Bluetooth for music streaming. These differences are examined in this section, along with the reasons why you might prefer the deepblueSKY over the deepblue3 or vice versa.


One of Bluetooth’s biggest drawbacks is the distance between the speaker and the device. Even with the most recent Bluetooth 5 release, your home’s range still places restrictions on you. The Bluetooth connection between your device and your Bluetooth speaker could also be broken by construction materials, electricity, and a variety of other factors.

WiFi is unique. Since every device is connecting to the same network, your device will continue to stream content to the deepblueSKY so long as you are connected to the network. As long as you’re connected to the same WiFi network and have your deepblueSKY on the ground floor, you can stream music from your smartphone to it even if you’re at the top of a 100-story building.
In contrast to the deepblueSKY, the deepblue3 is thus constrained by Bluetooth range.

Sound Quality

When compared to Bluetooth, WiFi offers a much wider bandwidth. As opposed to the deepblue3, which streams a Bluetooth signal that has been heavily compressed, this allows the deepblueSKY to stream lossless audio. As a result, WiFi streaming offers significantly better audio quality than Bluetooth. So when streaming wirelessly, the deepblueSKY will sound superior to the deepblue3. Additionally, the deepblueSKY’s amplifier sounds a little bit better than the DB3’s.


WiFi speakers now typically cost more than Bluetooth speakers. However, the deepblueSKY is less expensive than the deepblue3 in the Deepblue series. Other than the fact that a Bluetooth speaker is in higher demand than a WiFi speaker, I have no idea why this is the case. The deepblueSKY thus earns another point where the deepblue3 should have won on price!

Remote Control

The deepblueSKY’s remote is a little more sophisticated, though it is still very functional on the deepblue3. It has treble and bass controls that let you further customize your listening experience. Additionally, you can access all of your favourite music with just one button.

What You Will Recieve

  • Peachtree Audio deepblueSKY Speaker
  • ⅛-inch to RCA cable
  • Power cord
  • ⅛-inch to ⅛-inch AUX cable
  • Remote with battery
  • Optical cable


The Peachtree Audio deepblueSKY stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional audio experiences. Its blend of sleek design, robust features, and impressive audio performance makes it a compelling choice for both audiophiles and casual listeners alike. Whether you’re hosting a party, enjoying a movie night, or simply indulging in your favourite tracks, the deepblueSKY elevates the auditory experience to new heights.

In a world saturated with wireless speakers, the Peachtree Audio deepblueSKY manages to carve out a distinct identity by focusing on delivering not just sound, but an emotional connection to the music. If you’re in search of a wireless speaker that combines style, substance, and superior sonic output, the deepblueSKY deserves a spot at the top of your consideration list.

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