Optoma NuForce HEM8 Review

When it comes to high-fidelity audio equipment, Optoma NuForce has earned a reputation for producing exceptional products that cater to even the most discerning audiophiles. In this review, we take a closer look at one of their premium offerings – the Optoma NuForce HEM8. This quad-driver in-ear monitor (IEM) promises an immersive audio experience with impressive sound quality and ergonomic design. Let’s dive in and see if the Optoma NuForce HEM8 lives up to the hype.

Optoma NuForce HEM8 Specs

TypeIn-ear / IEM
Cable or WirelessCable
Impedance32 ohms
DriversHigh-resolution Knowles balanced armature

Design and Features

The first aspect that strikes you when unboxing the HEM8 is its sleek and modern design. The earpieces are constructed from high-quality materials, combining brushed metal and durable plastic. The overall build feels sturdy and well-crafted, ensuring longevity for extended use.

The ergonomic design of the HEM8 allows for a comfortable fit, enabling users to enjoy prolonged listening sessions without any discomfort. Optoma NuForce provides a variety of ear tips, including foam and silicone options, allowing users to find their perfect fit and achieve an excellent seal for passive noise isolation.

Cable and Connectivity

The Optoma NuForce HEM8 comes with a detachable high-quality braided cable that minimizes tangling and microphonics. The MMCX connectors ensure a secure connection to the earpieces, reducing the risk of accidental disconnections. Additionally, the cable terminates in a standard 3.5mm plug, making it compatible with various audio devices, including smartphones, DAPs, and headphone amplifiers.


Optoma NuForce provides a generous set of accessories with the HEM8. Along with multiple ear tips, the package includes a premium carrying case, a cleaning tool, and a 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter. These extras add value to the overall package, ensuring users have everything they need to enjoy their music on the go or at home.


The real star of the show with the Optoma NuForce HEM8 is its exceptional sound quality. With four balanced armature drivers per earpiece, this IEM delivers a clear, detailed, balanced audio performance across the entire frequency spectrum.

The bass response is tight and controlled, providing a satisfying punch without overwhelming the mids and highs. Speaking of which, the midrange is where the HEM8 truly shines, offering rich and natural vocals with an impressive level of clarity. The treble is smooth and well-extended, delivering shimmering highs without any harshness.

Whether you’re into rock, classical, electronic, or any other genre, the HEM8 handles all types of music with finesse, offering a truly engaging listening experience that audiophiles crave.

The NuForce HEM2, HEM4, and HEM6

The HEM2, HEM4, and HEM6 are the other IEMs offered by NuForce. Excellent options for entry-level IEMs are the HEM2 and HEM4. The audio quality is not bad, but I wouldn’t buy these for reference or professional audio headphones. Things start to get interesting with the HEM6 because it has many HEM8-like characteristics without the robust low-end response. Online reviews I’ve read indicate that many people favour the HEM6 over the HEM8 and vice versa. This is where the situation becomes debatable, so you should listen to both sides to determine which you prefer.

Each model includes a sizable, watertight carry case that is excellent for keeping the IEMs in your back safe while on the go. When you’re on the go, a smaller carry pouch that fits easily in your pocket is also provided. For use with headphone amplifiers and professional audio equipment, a 1/4-inch adaptor is offered.

What You Will Recieve

  • High-end OFC cable
  • 2 x HEM8 earphones
  • Cable with inline remote and microphone
  • 2 x Comply ear tips – T-100 (large and medium)
  • 6 x silicone tips in various sizes
  • Water and air-tight polycarbonate carrying case
  • Cleaning tool
  • Carrying pouch
  • ¼-inch adaptor


In conclusion, the Optoma NuForce HEM8 is a stellar performer that lives up to its promises. With its impressive sound quality, ergonomic design, and thoughtful accessories, it caters to audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike. While the price point may be higher than some other IEMs on the market, the HEM8’s performance justifies the investment for those seeking a top-tier audio experience. If you’re looking to take your listening journey to new heights, the Optoma NuForce HEM8 is a worthy contender for your consideration.

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