Logitech Z623 Review - (Compared to the Logitech Z625)
Logitech Z623 Review - Speakers Reviewed

Logitech Z623 Review

Logitech Z623 Review 4

The Bottom Line:​

Logitech is a company that specializes in gaming and audio technology. When you think of Logitech, one word comes to mind: quality. The Z623 speaker system has an amazing sound for the price point (less than $200). So if your desk space can accommodate these large speakers with six drivers each, then this might be just what you’re looking for!

As a professional speaker, the Logitech Z623 is designed to produce an outstanding 200 watts of RMS power. The result of this powerful subwoofer and two individual satellite speakers which are black in color with a sleek matte finish provides deep bass, ample power, and trusted performance as they meet THX certification standards that few can match: resulting in unmatched clarity without sacrificing volume level.

The Logitech Z623 speakers are a perfect upgrade for someone looking to increase their audio output. With the ability to connect multiple computers and game systems, this speaker set is an absolute powerhouse. Not only does it have RCA inputs but also 3.5 mm input which can be used with headphones or any other external device that has its own jack plug-in capabilities so as not to disturb your family when you’re gaming in private!

The integrated controls on the right satellite speakers make customization of the sound easy; turning up/down treble frequencies without having to reach over from across a room and adjust volume sources independently might just save your marriage someday (not guaranteed).

Design Features

The Logitech Z623 speaker system consists of three components: the two satellite speakers and the subwoofer. The satellite speakers are 7.8 inches in height, 5.6 inches wide, and 5.4 inches in depth; they can generally be placed on either side of your desk without taking up much space at all so long as you don’t plan to put them too close to the wall or a corner where there may not be sufficient free surface area for them to rest upon securely (this could lead such an arrangement being unstable). There is also a rubber footing situated at their base so that it doesn’t shake when listening to music with high volumes.

The sleek design of the satellite speakers is perfect for those who want a modern look in their homes. The right speaker has all your controls on front, giving you quick access to volume and bass needs. It also features an additional input – a 3.5mm connection as well as AUX and headphone jack!

For people with smaller living spaces, these could be just what they’re looking for: compact but powerful enough that everyone can enjoy them at any time of day or night thanks to its clear sound quality throughout different rooms

Logitech Z623 Speakers

Speaker Size

The sound of the bass that will shake your windows is produced by this new and improved subwoofer. This impressive speaker measures 11.9 inches in height, 10.4 inches wide, and 7 inches deep but don’t let its size fool you as it produces some serious audio levels with a full range frequency response!

The system comes with both a 3.5mm and stereo RCA input that will allow you to connect your computer directly, so there’s no need for an auxiliary cable if you don’t already have one! The bass control is also situated on the right satellite speaker in order to help adjust the subwoofer according to personal preference.

On top of all this, it does not require any additional power source as long as it’s powered by AC cables which come included with the speakers when purchased- meaning more time spent jamming out instead of running around trying to find what cord goes where!

Speaker Performance

The Logitech Z623 sounds so great you won’t be able to believe it was made by a company that specializes in keyboards and mice. The sound is clear, with deep bass on the low end for those heavy rock tunes while not being too overpowering when listening to some of your favorite pop hits. Even vocals shine through crystal-clear without sounding muffled or muddy like other speakers may do as well!

With the Logitech Z623, you can party like it’s your job. With a broad midrange and crisp highs produced by two satellite speakers each delivering 35 watts of power combined with 130 watts coming from its subwoofer, this speaker is perfect for all occasions.

The 200 watts RMS power is perfect for a variety of listeners and delivers excellent sound with low distortion. Designed to be the most accurate speakers out of the box, these are also THX certified – meaning they had to go through various tests in order to make sure they meet industry standards for speaker systems that can reproduce audio accurately.

By purchasing a system with the THX certification, you are guaranteeing your own absolute best sound imaginable. The process of receiving this approval is extremely difficult and time-consuming for speakers to achieve so it makes sense that these are some of the only systems worthy enough for movie theaters all across America!

Technical Specifications

Drivers5.25" fiberglass woofer + 1" soft-dome tweeter
PowerAC power cable (100V-240V)
InputsRCA, Digital optical, USB Type-B, USB Type-A
OutputsSub out
Other Connection OptionsBluetooth
Frequency Response50Hz-20kHz
Output Power50W x 2
THDLess than 0.1%
Nominal impedance4Ω
Dimensions6.6 x 10.2 x 8 inches
Weight8.7 lbs
Logitech Z623 Inputs
Logitech Z623 Review - Speakers Reviewed 1

Logitech Z623 as Gaming Speakers

When looking for a gaming speaker, you are probably searching for something that offers detailed sound and an immersive experience. The Z623’s sound quality is crystal clear, giving you the experience of hearing your enemy’s footsteps in the background and a well-defined midrange. The bass has a hard edge that makes it feel like you’re really there with them! Be warned not to turn up this speaker too loud or else your neighbors might get worried about what’s going on next door.

Omnidirectional Speakers

Omni-directional sound is the newest trend in speakers and Logitech’s Z906 speaker system has it all. From rock to opera, this speaker not only provides good balance but also meets specific frequencies that are great for listening enjoyment without compromising clarity or volume. The omnidirectionality of these speakers means you can put them behind a couch or under a desk with no worries about losing any quality from what would normally be lost through directionality

Logitech Z623 Review 1

Logitech Z623 vs. Z625

The Logitech Z7623 features a single 3.5mm input and an RCA input, while the Logitech Z625 offers a variety of options for your audio needs with four different inputs: optical Input, two 3.5 mm inputs, as well as a headphone jack. Other than that, the two models are nearly identical in terms of sound quality and performance!

What’s In The Box?

  • Logitech Z623 Speaker System
  • Subwoofer
  • 2 x Satellite speakers
  • 3.5mm Audio input cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
Logitech Z623 Review 4


The Logitech Z623 speaker system is the perfect investment for any tech-savvy audiophile. With its crisp and clear sound, it creates an immersive 3D experience like no other without distortion. It offers a high level of output to ensure not just your music sounds great, but also all those cool video games you play too!

The Logitech Z623 is a versatile stereo system that can be used for console gaming, home theater, and PC or laptop audio. The speaker has easily accessible volume, bass power controls as well as an input port to plug in your headphones. This connection type uses RCA analog cables which offer frequencies from 35 Hz all the way up to 20 kHz (20 000 Hz).

Overall this speaker fits anyone who likes multi-tasking at their computers, while going back and forth between streaming music on Youtube and playing video games, etc. It’s enough variety with good sound quality so you won’t find yourself bored too quickly!

Logitech Z623 Review 4

The Bottom Line:​

Logitech is a company that specializes in gaming and audio technology. When you think of Logitech, one word comes to mind: quality. The Z623 speaker system has an amazing sound for the price point (less than $200). So if your desk space can accommodate these large speakers with six drivers each, then this might be just what you’re looking for!

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